subdued rescue of an ailing friend #13

the music died down in my headphones (it was ‘Sunday Seance’ by Blockhead).

i was inbetween songs on a bus to work.  two elderly women sat behind me carrying a scent of antiseptic sweet perfume that caused needless conflict with nature.  in the brief quiet i gathered that they were travelling to town to begin christmas shopping.  not content with this, their adventure was to be further detailed by the  pursuit of ‘special offers’:

ELDERLY WOMAN A:  ‘superdrug has 3 for 2 at the moment.   no.. ‘, she argued with herself:  ‘i mean 2 for 3’

there was a  brief pause here.  i can only assume that this was whilst woman B cleared the confusion in her mind created by woman A.

ELDERLY WOMAN B: ‘you mean 3 for 2’, she said assuredly.

The next song started playing.  (It was ‘Evermore’ by John Matthias).


3 thoughts on “subdued rescue of an ailing friend #13

  1. excellent! excellent bravo bravo! topless darts! endless repeats. freeview! digital switchover!


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