aaaaagh! Frankenstein! AAAAGH! AHHHH eeeH! #20

a scene from the spanish film, ‘the spirit of the beehive’.

ana and her sister isabel have gone into the village to watch a mobile cinema performance of ‘Frankenstein’.  in the scene they are referring to; frankenstein and the little girl are playing a game in which they toss petals into a lake and watch them float.  (admittedly, i can think of better).  because of his defective brain frankenstein thinks that the little girl will also float.  alas, he sells the girl rather short and she drowns.  later that evening, ana recalls the scene and again asks isabel why frankenstein killed the little girl.  isabel tells her that the girl isn’t really dead and that she can summon the spirit of frankenstein whenever she wants to.  ana takes this information to heart and later attempts to do just that..

this particular version of the scene has been ruined by someone.  notably me, indulgently pouring their own poorly edited music over the top of it.  i apologise wholeheartedly for this and only hope it encourages you to watch the film in all of its beautiful, de-opified conspicuous grace.


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