dart #34

when i was 6 or 7 or 8.

up a stairway to my left,

beyond a window to my right,

past a landing on my left…

there was a doorway,

that led to a walkway to my room.

it was in this room i threw, and my dart flew:

past the dartboard to my right,

through the walkway to my left,

and on and out through the open door…..

It went on above the landing floor,

between and beyond the baluster,

and eventually went crashing through the window

whereupon outside,

the dart came to a halt.


One thought on “dart #34

  1. Clever little right left position malarkey makes this magic..,and its about a dart, which I love like ze onion’ 🙂 for how it shows, what writing can do to ANY ‘object’ of memory!! 🙂 Spangly job Opium :O

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