full stops #36

i suppose i’d like to know a little more about life to learn what it is i’m to do between now and my death.  because death knows where it is.  it is a resounding and perfect flawless stop.  occasionally it may announce itself immaturely and like my misuse of grammar it may pose a question or a comma instead of an ending.  but most of the time.  when it happens.  it’s final.  there’s some irony behind the idea that the clear certainty you may spend your entire life searching for will only find you involuntarily when you become a full stop at the end of your own drawn out life sentence.

Anna Karenina:

‘Then what is important?’ asked Kitty, looking into her face with surprised curiosity.

‘Ah, many things are important,’ replied Varenka, not knowing what to say.

Kitty held her hands, and with passionate curiosity and entreaty questioned Varenka with her eyes: ‘What – what is more important?  What gives you such peace?  You know, tell me!’  But Varenka did not even understand what Kitty’s eyes were asking.  She only knew that she had to call on Madame Berthe and get home in time for Mama’s midnight tea.  She collected her music, and having said good-night to everybody, prepared to go.


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