Jiri Trnka and Laurie Anderson #52

I just thought these two would work well together, you’ll see the connection a few minutes in…

You can view the full 28 minute version of ‘The Hand’ before I edited it down to suit the music here:

From wiki: Jiri Trnka considers his greatest work to be the short Ruka (“The Hand”, 1965), his last film. In the words of Bendazzi, Ruka is “a kind of hymn to the creative freedom raging.” In short, it is about a sculptor visited by a huge hand, which seeks the completion of a sculpture of itself. By rejecting the imposition, the artist is constantly pursued by the hand, ending with induced suicide and the hand officiating at his funeral. Ruka is considered a protest against the conditions imposed by the Czechoslovak communist state to artistic creation, and even some have seen in it an anticipation of the so-called Prague Spring. Although the film initially had no problems with censorship (which Trnka blamed on carelessness or simple ignorance), after his death copies were confiscated and banned from public display in Czechoslovakia for two decades.

Music is ‘O Superman’ (1981) by Laurie Anderson.


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