The lonely cloud drifted over the ocean.  He was sad out there all alone but he took solace in knowing that when his tears fell into the water it was like he didn’t exist.  ‘Out here, the people don’t run and hide from me’, he thought.  The ocean was so vast that it didn’t notice him at all, and the sun was so far away that he could almost be invisible.  He looked forward to the evenings when the moon would stop a while and talk to him.  The moon would tell him about exotic lands and describe all sorts of weird and wonderful things from all around the earth.  Tonight,  the moon told him that not all people were afraid of his tears and that there are places where even he might never feel lonely.  The moon bid the cloud goodnight and once more dropped into the ocean.  The ocean roared and the waves mocked the lonely cloud as its insignificant tears weeped. Later that day whilst the ocean slept the cloud drifted into a dream about the places the moon had told him about.  The following night he told the moon about his dream and the moon said it would make it so, although the cloud did not know how.  The moon once more disappeared from view and the cloud was sad like normal, his tears fell unheeded like normal, but this time the waves did not sleep.  The frightened cloud saw a strange mist coming toward him and remembered the storms the moon had once told him about.  Unable to keep control and grappling with the wind, the cloud tossed and turned through the air for two whole days.  He awoke above a strange land.  He desperately tried not to be sad because he knew his tears made people unhappy, but he was so lonely and so sad that he closed his eyes and he cried and cried and cried.  He cried streams and he cried waterfalls.  He cried rivers and he cried lakes.  When the cloud eventually opened his eyes he saw people with their arms held up to the sky, just two or three at first, then more and more until there were so many people he could not see the land anymore.  He knew then that the moon had made it so, and that he would never feel lonely ever again.


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