Snowy and the Owl #70

‘Why can’t I see all that you can see?’, he asked the Owl in the tree.

‘Because I am an Owl in a tree’, replied the owl in the tree.

‘But I am an Owl in a tree!’

‘No Snowy.  You are not an Owl like me’.

As if to prove his point; the Owl turned his head almost all of the way around and then looked at Snowy again: ‘If you were an owl, you would see the future, the past and everything, just like me’.

‘I can do that..’, Snowy cried:  ‘’s just.. it’s just, I fell and hurt my neck you see’.

And Snowy really had hurt his neck.  Every time he would try to turn his head like the owl he would lose his balance and fall into a dustbin, or fly into a tree or have some other such crash bang wallop.  He would wake with a fright to the distant sound of laughing mice ringing in his ears and of course, another crooked neck.

When evening fell the Owl in the tree would stare in awe at the beauty of the moon, but Snowy would be too afraid of what lurked in the darkness and kept his eyes firmly fixed on the shadows.  He would see the shapes of monsters cast from the light of the moon and could not sleep until he imagined himself as the owl that could see the past and the future and everything without fear.

The following day Snowy and his neck felt a little better.  He moved his head just gently at first and then decided to try again.  ‘I am an owl!’, he thought to himself.  He closed his eyes, counted to three, and once more prepared himself to see all that he could see:




Snowy had turned his head, but unlike the owl, his whole body had pirouetted off-balance and he was sent tumbling to the ground with a bump.  A little while later he came to and felt something was stuck in left side of his beak.

He slowly opened his left eye and saw a bird (that was not an owl) staring right back at him!  Snowy immediately closed his eyes again.

In a little while he opened his right eye and to his relief the bird (that was not an owl) was gone.

But when he opened his left eye again the bird (that was not an owl) was there again!  Snowy slowly shuffled to the side and the bird shuffled too, then Snowy slowly shuffled backward and the bird shuffled too.

It took a while, but Snowy slowly realised that the shiny object he had caught in his beak was something reflective, and the bird (that was not an owl but was indeed Snowy) was his own reflection!  Snowy not only saw himself, but he could also see everything that was behind him, just like the owl could see.

That evening he stood with the Owl in the tree and looked up into the moon and for the first time he was not afraid of what might creep up because he had the reflection to help him see the past and the future and everything.  Snowy eventually became so transfixed by the moon that after a while, he stopped looking at what was behind him altogether.

He turned to ask for a favour from the Owl in the tree:

‘Can you please remove this shiny object from the left side of my beak for me?’

Snowy had decided to himself that he no longer wanted to be like the Owl in the tree.  Only everything in front of him, was all he wanted to see.


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