The lion that could not roar #80

The Mighty Lion stood over his 3 cubs.

He had the loudest roar in all of the Animal Kingdom. The earth would shudder and the birds would fly from the trees. His mate would roll her eyes, but she was glad that her cubs were protected by the Mighty Lion.

The cubs were starting to develop and hunt for themselves.

That is, most of the cubs.

The Smallest Cub still had much to learn. Whilst the other cubs would follow the Mighty Lion, the Smallest Cub would disappear for hours on end all by himself.  The Smallest Cub had a secret.  When he had been playing by the river he had made friends with a baby crocodile. He knew he would get into trouble if anyone found out, so he kept it all to himself. The cub didn’t like hunting much, and the crocodile had no other friends to play with.

They would loll about in the mud and sometimes; the cub and the crocodile would sneak up behind hippo’s in the river and then swim away laughing if they were spotted!

Then one day, before the smallest cub had chance to escape to meet his friend, the Mighty Lion said they were to learn how to roar just like him. The two bigger cubs took their turn and the Mighty Lion was clearly impressed. Then it came to Smallest Cub.

He cleared his throat and imagined he were his father. The trees would shudder and even the ants would run and hide! He breathed in and in as deep as he could and then,

and then:


There was a sound alright, but it was no roar. It was high pitched, almost like yawn.

The Mighty Lion recognised it right away: the Smallest Cub had made the same sound as a baby crocodile. He was very ashamed and his brothers laughed long and hard. The Mighty Lion asked the Smallest Cub where he had heard the sound and the poor cub was unable to contain himself and told him all about his friend. The Mighty Lion said that crocodiles and lions cannot be friends and he was never to play with the baby crocodile any more.

Some years passed and the Smallest Cub had turned into the Smallest Lion. He could hunt by himself now but would often roam the wilderness with his brothers. He was still unable to roar and his brothers would often tease him.

On this particular day they were walking across a hillside when the land gave way sending both of his brothers tumbling down toward the river. The flow was fast and the Smallest Lion stood at the riverbank and did not know what to do. Without thinking, from somewhere deep within his chest he let out his biggest crocodile roar over and over: ’myow, myow, myow!’

He had almost given up hope when he saw his old friend the crocodile rise to the surface and rescue his brothers from being washed away forever. And from that day onwards the Smallest Lion was known as the lion with the mighty crocodile roar.  


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