we experimented
on a rat
torn in two
and parts removed
one by one
In a cage
of see-through glass
we took tooth
we took nail
and those blue eyes
we placed in the sun
on a window ledge
in a jar
staring out at flowers.
We experimented
but those eyes
were missing home,
or missing himself?
We experimented
and made pity
into glue
to bind him back
but the tired 
discarded heart
was bone dry.



This isn’t a start
there is no start
when you pushed back my hair
my veins were alive but weak at the same time
I still hear your laugh;
dirty as a tickled child.
The house walls were cold
we slept together even though we were apart
It was like brother and sister
you lay on my arm
my other arm was between your thighs
You were asleep
you groaned
I moved my hand further up your thighs
you groaned more
I envied your dreams.